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Regenerative Agriculture Mentoring



Using our skills and vast experience, we can help you expand the effectiveness of your team or business! We can help you build a legacy for future generations by working together to achieve financial health, productive land, healthy soils, clean water, healthy animals and increase your overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Founder - Graze the Prairie Resource Management

Linda Pechin-Long

Linda is a Holistic Management® International Professional Certified Educator.  With over 15 years in ranching and agriculture, Linda brings a wealth of experience to her presentations, training, and coaching. Linda also has years of experience direct marketing her products both wholesale and retail and can help you build a business/marketing plan. Also, with over 25 years in the hospitality sector, Linda is uniquely positioned to help you address leadership, personnel, team dynamics, and management systems issues.

Graze the Prairie Resource Management

Keith Long

Keith has over 35 years of ranching experience and has been practicing Holistic Management for over 25 years on numerous ranches in a variety of climates, scales, and eco-regions. Keith has a master’s degree in animal genetics, and he is an expert grazer. Keith can translate his knowledge into practical information for new and experienced producers.

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We can help you maintain the joy and
love you feel for the animals and the

land without “burning out”

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