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We provide expertise that will help you improve the way
you manage your land and livestock, and improve quality
of life using Holistic Management practices!

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Our community will come to know us
as people with compassion and integrity
as well as good stewards of the land. 


-Linda Pechin - Long

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Linda is a Holistic Management® International Professional Certified Educator.  With over 15 years in ranching and agriculture, Linda
brings a wealth of experience to her presentations, training, and coaching.



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Online Grazing Planning Workshop

September 6 - October 18

I connected with Linda at a time when I was facing some complex decisions regarding the future land base of my ranch.  I was overwhelmed by the emotional aspect of trying to find a way

to keep family land together.  

Linda introduced me to the principles of Holistic Management and guided me through the decision making framework and testing questions.  These tools, along with Linda’s support and guidance provided the clarity I needed to move forward with confidence. Having someone in my corner who is actively ranching and direct marketing while implementing the HMI principles has been invaluable to me in my regenerative agriculture journey. 


My experience in working with Linda Pechin-Long during her Holistic Management International Grazing Course was beneficial in several ways. She was able to deconstruct material that I was having a hard time understanding by giving me personalized attention. Her availability, patience and humor helped me zoom out and take it step by step. I am grateful for her dedication to land stewardship and education; she was transparent about her business and made extra effort to keep the course participants engaged. Thanks Linda!


Linda met with us regularly for the first year after moving to our family farm.  Her insights and guidance were instrumental in clarifying our goals, dreams, and identity as farmers and business-owners, but perhaps most importantly, as a family who wants to have healthy relationships with each other, our land, and our community.  As transplants from an urban environment with work experience in various business and non-profit organizations, we have been through a wide range of training.  What Linda brings to the table encompasses much of the best of what we had seen before, contextualized in a regenerative agrarian paradigm.  We would recommend Linda to anyone at any stage of development.


Linda was patient and supportive as she helped us walk though our gross profit analysis to understand the actual costs associated with our business.   Once we understood where our money was going, we were able to make informed decisions on ways to trim those costs and where we needed to invest additional resources.  Having her help to tie everything back to our holistic goal was a huge step forward for us as it gave us a common vision to work towards and reduced many “what if we did this” conversations and expenses.



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